Expressing my gratitude

Recently i was caught with Urticaria, a type of skin rash that runs around the body.  It was 4 days ago in the night when i realized that i had it.  Heat came from nowhere and i felt hot around the body so i started scratching between my legs and my elbow.  Minutes later i realized the scratched area were becoming red and i thought it was normal as i was hot.  It became itchy and it began to get worst – my entire body is filled with it (oh look at the picture the link to Urticaria has on wikipedia).  I couldn’t stand it and went to sleep.  It was 1 or 2 in the morning and i couldn’t sleep as the itchiness crawls around my abdominal.  I woke my mum up and after a few minutes of decision making, she woke my dad up asking him to drive me to the hospital.  Well it took me few days to recover and i don’t want to talk about it alot.

My point is really simple, i’d like to remind myself here that i should thank god for what i am having right now.  My peaceful life is back without the itch (hopefully as it didn’t come today).  I was talking to a friend the other day about the life she’s having.  Her endurance compared to my tiny itch… oh i can’t compare at all.  That’s why i’m grateful for what i have right now.  As the law of attraction mentions in one of its chapter, gratitude is something we should always say to ourselves to remind of what we have.

Hey, it wasn’t easy overcoming itch ya know!


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