And that marks the new beginning…

So i’ve ventured into linux for a week or so and i’ve decided that it is time for me to move forward into something that i have always wanted to learn – wep intrusion. I tried to use various tutorials on my ubuntu to get installs for aircrack, airmon, kismet and stuff but i phailed miserably. Alas… i recalled that i have burned BackTrack 3 onto a cd years ago when i wanted to touch a lil of *nix but i find it sooo darn confusing (i actually got it booted via 2 usb complicated im ust say)

So after booting up BackTrack 3 i got onto a tutorial in that has been posted late February 2009 and started messing around abit. Took me half an hour to finally get it working! Hurrah to BackTrack!!!

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2 Responses to “And that marks the new beginning…”

  1. Carlos Says:

    wow that’s so…….lame
    You BIG hacker you,running you bitch ass 4 cores and making your desktop “leet” like it says in terminal ‘leetmode’,too bad you forgot to hide your ip…..when making the ss.

    • genesisdatabase Says:

      It’s funny how you try to act smart.

      1.) How do you know the ss belongs to me?
      2.) How do you know i’m not running on proxy?
      3.) How does trying to paste leetmode in a terminal makes me leet when you’re trying to look more leet than me?

      Should try a little harder next time! I got your IP duhh…

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