.NET and its vulnerabilities

Well i continued programming in VB .NET for the last 2 months and i finally got my own masterpiece! I’m able to sell the product but i have many doubts in mind especially crackers. I googled and searched various methods to get it safely encrypted as well as decompiling it (working both ways is so what gray hat does). Well i had found a variety of method of doing so and i’m pretty satisfied with the outcome! I never knew decompiling was so fun as well as injecting codes into it. Now’s the time to do some nasty art! Oh well.. luckily i’m a 90% most of the time C person… leave the 10% to VB .NET


2 Responses to “.NET and its vulnerabilities”

  1. Carlos Says:

    you are a “C” person eh?
    and 99% of your projects are in VB.net…..FAIL!!

    • genesisdatabase Says:

      99% of what you see (according to you) form my blog is VB .NET right? Oh okay… I just like the idea of jumping into conclusion man! It gives you the variety of selection of how it ends in the story!

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