GDWS | GenesisDatabase WLM Stealer

GDWS is an application that i have created using C without relying on resources for its GUI. It’s simple to use and requires no driver reliability however it only works on Windows only.


– GUI in C
– retrieve stored WLM passwords
– run website in a hidden window via IE or FF (using socket)
– intermediate socket usage
– socket to load website


Download Binary
Download Source Code

Note: If anyone requests for the source code, it would be generous of you to direct them here.  I know it will consume your time but i’m sure a good deed is always worth it – what comes around goes around.


3 Responses to “GDWS | GenesisDatabase WLM Stealer”

  1. iXor Says:

    Can you reupload this? I completed the survey at Sharecash, and it says “You have unlocked the file, your download will begin” But the download never begins, and I did it a few times, it’s becomming a real pain. Can you reupload, and make sure the link is correct? Even if your reuploading to sharecash, just fix the link.

  2. Xor Says:

    Seriously, reupload.

    • genesisdatabase Says:

      I’m so sorry but i haven’t been on the site for some time due to exams anyway i’ve already reuploaded.

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