Rootkits | Subverting the Windows Kernel

Are you a programmer that loves to design malicious application?  Do you find malicious applications that you have made are easily detected by anti-virus software (oh come on, Fully Un-detectable (FUD) isn’t going to last long)?  Do you know the difference of user and kernel space?  Ever wanted to be able to stay on the same level as the anti-virus as well as getting rid of it?

Take yourself into a whole new level by learning how to develop a rootkit!

Rootkits – Subverting the Windows Kernel is a great book that has all the necessaries for one to move onto a higher level programming world.  It consists of developing application (or more applicable, services) which runs on the kernel level, the level whereby it is more powerful than usual user space application.  If you have never heard of rootkits, the usual application which you have been programming all the while is on the user space also known as Ring1, Ring2 and Ring3.  Kernel space is where applications are ran at Ring0, the highest level of the Windows operating system.

You will be able to learn about Windows Driver Kit (WDK), the programming tool to develop what you will be learning.  Apart from that, sample tool of a KLOG is being taught (a keyboard sniffer or commonly known as keylogger at the kernel level which will be undetectable by anti-virus software).  This book strives to provide stealth knowledge and not the knowledge on crashing a computer.

Click here to download.


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