A new year, a new resolution

As 2011 is aproaching and some predicts that we have another year left before doomsday, we still continue to live as if nothing’s going to happen.  Dumping by the roadside, leaving running water as well as turning on the aircond even though no one is around is still common.  This is just how humans are right?  Well as 2011 is just hours away, have you completed your resolution for 2010.  I doubt many really did their best in achieving it haha.  Besides that, how about your resolution for the upcoming year.  Is it ready or are you still increasing the list or is it still on hold.  Better get it done soon people you’ll never know what will happen later.

Basically today i bumped onto another wordpress blog and saw this theme that has left and right columns between the posts and i found it helpful as i got a lot of information that i want to display.  After i changed the theme i find that the posts between one another is hard to differentiate so i hope you all will bear with me.  I hope that it will be adaptable, let me know what you think of my current theme!  Well, thanks for all your support my blog is running up pretty well with all the visits!


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