List some of your favourite forums

Looking for a forum to hang around but no idea which to join or where to join?  Take a look at our list of forums that explains their environment and how great they are!  If you want to promote your forum, you can post a comment below and we will scout around your forum to analyze them before placing them in our list.


A very large community, you can basically get to know a lot of people from here.  Businessman, professional coders, website defacement artists and sophisticated humans are found here.  Thanks to it having more than a hundred thousand members (i assume), you can get feedbacks nearly instantly and you will not find it boring.  If you do, you can head to “The Lounge” where jokes, fun and flames are born.  If you are looking for market opportunity (if you are a seller or buyer), you can always use HackForums “Marketplace” section.  You can find lots of virtual products especially programs being sold there and if you have something to look for you can visit the buyers section.  As for computer programming language interest, only certain people in the forum knows what they are talking about.  Do not get easily take in any random advise if you are asking questions such as “what programming language should i learn”.  The number of programmers there are huge but not many of them are experienced.  So if you would need to leverage the advices over there.

Register at HackForums.



A more or less average number of members in the community.  Although LeetCoders may not have a lot of members, their members are certainly knowledgeable.  This forum targets people that are interested in computer programming languages.  Does not matter if it is VB .NET or C++, the members there are experienced and know the way around it.  If you are interested in programming, this is the place to be.  They have a subsection for each programming language section they have that is called “Source Codes & Completed Projects”, this is an advantage for learners to pick up as you learn more advanced programming ways.  Source codes are definitely a plus for you, it even gives you creativity through experiencing their applications.  Be sure to get to know their members otherwise you might find the forum a little less active.  If you are looking for a place to market your product or purchase, this is not the place for you to be.  The number of products are limited and what you are looking for may not be here.

Register at LeetCoders.



A forum that has lesser members as compared to the above, its advantage is that it offers a lot of hacking tools.  If you are being a bit mischievous and looking for some evil tools to play with, you can go to their “Hacking Puppets”, they offer a good number of tools that are categorized as crypters, rats, keyloggers, stealers and other tools separately.  Although they have a small community, their administrator or owner is rather friendly and he will reply your message if you have any opinions or questions to voice out.  If you are looking for a friendly community, this forum is good place to stay and hang around.  The people there are quite active and it gives a very good appearance to visitors.  If you are new to programming or hacking, this forum can certainly guide you around before you get involved in a larger society.

Register at HackMeOut.



A forum meant only for programmers especially in the field of gaming.  This forum is monitored by the professional game hacking person going by the handle PoZHx.  If you are a programmer and you would want to learn more on how games work and more, you should definitely join this forum.  If you are looking to start as a programmer and want to go into the advanced level, this forum is a suitable place to be.  Get to know the people well and you will definitely gain yourself a bundle of knowledge.  Some of the well known D3D (Direct 3D) or DirectX programming also exists here.  If you are looking for game cheat downloads, do not miss the chance to visit their “Downloads” section where they provide public and private cheat downloads as well as your assistant, the game hacking tools.  It is best that you have certain programming knowledges to get around easily.

Register at DarkHook.


Last updated 1st February 2011, list will continue to update.


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