Booting DBAN from a pendrive

DBAN or Darik’s Boot and Nuke software is a great deal for erasing any hard drive you want the quickest.  As mentioned in one of the previous post and it’s homepage if you saw, it is basically installed on a CD or DVD.  However as convenient as it can be, it is possible to install DBAN on a pendrive!  In this post, you will be guided from top to bottom on how to setup your own pendrive DBAN.


pendrive of at least 32mb
operating system of Windows

Guide / HowTo

1.) Under Windows environment, run Universal-USB-Installer-
2.) Click on Run, I Agree or anything that is required to enter the Setup Page.
3.) When you saw “Setup your Selections Page”, this is where you will select the options.
4.) Under Step 1, browse for “DBAN 2.2.6”.
5.) Under Step 2, click browse and find dban-2.2.6_i586.iso.
6.) Under Step 3, select the drive that your plugged-in pendrive is located.
7.) Tick “Check this box if you want to format the Drive.”
8.) Press “Create” and let it do its job.

Basically your pendrive is now ready to work.  When plugged onto the USB port, make sure that the BIOS goes into USB startup mode.  Once you enter the DOS environment, you can see that all you can do is enter the boot option as well as F1 to F4 for help.  Your available options are “autonuke”, “dban”, “dod”, “dod3psas”, “dodshort”, “gutmann”, “ops2”, “paranoid”, “prng”, “quick” and “zero”.


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