Installing SleepFX without crashing | iDevice

I stumbled upon one great app from BigBoss and it is called SleepFX written by Malcolm Hall!  You can generally get it from Cydia from BigBoss source.  Although so, some of you might be getting it from other sources and for free instead of paying.  Well that is totally up to you where you get it.

Some of you might have gotten SleepFX but it generally crashes after 5 or 6 times locking and unlocking.  The only way to get it working again is to respring it and this is totally uncool.  You might want another way around so basically these steps below will help you solve that problem!

How cool is it anyway

When you lock your iDevice, it goes to sleep in a fashionable way, select from the many ways the options has provided!

How to successfully install SleepFX 1.1 in iDevice without crashing


1.) Download and install OpenSSH from Cydia (iDevice)
2.) Download and install iFile from Cydia (iDevice)
3.) Download WinSCP; see Ref.3 (Windows)
4.) Download SleepFX .deb file; see Ref.2 (Windows)

5.) Run WinSCP
6.) Make sure you know the iDevice’s IP
7.) Enter username and password; see Ref.5
8.) Make sure the port number is 22 and file protocol is SFTP with “Allow SCP fallback”
9.) Login

10.) Place downloaded SleepFX .deb file anywhere in iDevice directory

11.) Run iFile
12.) Browse to the directory the .deb file was placed
13.) Tap on it and hit Installer

14.) Done
15.) Visit Settings > SleepFX to style up


* See Ref.4 if you need help using WinSCP
* Shall you have any problems setting it up, comment below.


5.) Username: root
Password: alpine OR dottie


6 Responses to “Installing SleepFX without crashing | iDevice”

  1. suparjito Says:

    i tried all the step, but it’s not working..

  2. kanwal Says:

    UPdated it please for ios 5

  3. Brent Meade Says:

    same didnt help. it does the same thing…

  4. Marck Says:

    Does it works in ios 5 ?

  5. jake Says:

    ayy man, i done all these steps and now when i lock my iphone it shows up with the lockscreen and then locks, how can i uninstall this?

    • genesisdatabase Says:

      First and foremost, it depends on what iOS version you are using. This tutorial when written works for iOS 4.3.1, which is currently above 5.0.1. The method, nonetheless, is similar. If you have trouble with the tweak, you can always remove them from the settings.

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