How busy can a man be?

Lately, I have been rushing my coursework and the due date is on the 27th of April. This blog means a lot to me so do not think that I have left it! I am merely taking a break from extensive blogging and I will definitely return with lots of information. Recently I have learned on metasploit and I find it very interesting for a Penetration Tester.  The next update I hope to post would be by the end of the week, cause my coursework programming is about to complete.  If so, I might be free from all the ups and downs and take a break to post some useful security tools or source codes!  If you ever noticed, I have posted the source code for my previous post but I deleted it the day after.  It is because my university supervisor told me that it is best not to release the source code.  So basically I would keep it to myself until I have the green light to do so.  Be sure to keep in mind to visit my blog frequent, you will definitely not regret it!


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