crunch | dictionary , wordlist generator

Crunch is a command line utility in backtrack used to create dictionaries for bruteforce attacks!  This is handy when it comes to using bruteforcers such as WPA attacks or Hydra or JTR.  Needed to keep the links alive somewhere, this will do!

compile using

gcc -lm -lpthread -o crunch.c

execute using




6 Responses to “crunch | dictionary , wordlist generator”

  1. dany Says:

    hi guys there’se a how-to where i can find command for create a Wordlist ???
    always i receive ” see main page for how to” but which main page i guess…..

    thank u a lot

    • genesisdatabase Says:

      What type of word list are you looking for? Cause crunch doesn’t generate names nor addresses nor commonly used passwords for you. What it does is to generate character sets from 000 to 999 or AAA to ZZZ or a mixture of them.

  2. pogga Says:

    Hey man, I need some help. I downloaded crunch 3.1 on windows and putted it to my usb. Then i start backtrack 4 r1 and put the crunch-3.1.tgz file on the desktop, how can I compile or install or whatever?:P

    • genesisdatabase Says:

      Crunch is already installed in backtrack if i am not mistaken, try this


  3. elias el hourany Says:

    i need help . how to save the dictionnary to my hard disk ?bcz every time i write these commands it save on root wich is 1.9 gb so please help

    • genesisdatabase Says:

      Hello elias el hourany,

      What you have to do is to redirect the output file’s directory. If your root hard drive is out of free space, use an external hard drive. Make sure you know what is the hard drive name for your external. It could have sdb1, sdb2 or something along that name.

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