Cracking SMBNT with Medusa

As I am learning more about the SMB protocol for Windows, I came across Medusa.  So first thing I did was try and hook it up with a dictionary and attack my Windows OS which is on Windows 7.  After installing it, (see here to know how), I looked at the arguments and start cracking!  I tried cracking using THC-HYDRA but I had some difficulties at first.  The commands are pretty much the same if you look at it.

Cracking with a single password

medusa -h -u Brian -p 1234567890 -ns -M smbnt

Note: You can choose to omit -ns as n it is defined as ([n] No Password, [s] Password = Username), as for -h, it is the name of the host.  -u for username and -p followed by the password.  -M stands for the protocol that I am cracking which is SMBNT.

Cracking with a dictionary/wordlist file

medusa -h -u Brian -P /dictionary/commonpassword.txt -ns -M smbnt

Note: As you can see, what changed was the -p to -P argument.  Uppercase meaning to use a file instead of the given string as value.  You can see that /dictionary/commonpassword.txt is the path to my dictionary file.




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