Assassin Creed

Ever wondered how the new Assassin Creed would look like?  A friend of mine sent a youtube link to me and the video is like “woah…. you gotta be kidding me!!”

Just can’t stop thinking about Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2

I’d like to thank my buddy Mr. Yeow for bringing this game to my doorstep! With this i can stop thinking of reality for some time… but hey i still need to post some stuff right? Gosh… i hope i can get a time management course!

Oh if you have no idea what JC2 is all about you should check it out here (oh well i just love wikipedia).  Violence and chaos i must say is the best way to get rid of boredom.  A little big bang here and there with a combo meal of explosion it just brings out the dark side of you!  Upon completing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Assassin Creed 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction i have been waiting for quite some time for this to arrive!  Oh well my friend have to work non-stop for the World Cup… and despite that he brought it to me yesterday midnight!! (Although i’ve waited for few weeks nvm)  I know i’m slow with the games cause i just got my own desktop with a low to medium spec rate but hey games are fun no matter how old they are.

I start to feel that i am crapping alot right now so yeah… got to go write my small article on Introduction to C a lil and continue JC2!!

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