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Chromium | Your fastest browser solution for Ubuntu

Firefox 5 has been a hassle these days.  Thank someone that has found a vulnerability in Firefox 4.0.1 now I have to upgrade and to my outcome, it lags terribly.  Only solution was to re-install but the same outcome over and over again did I encounter.  Luckily, there’s Chrome for Linux and it is Chromium!  You can do a quick “sudo apt-get install chromium” to install it.


So You’re Sick Of Being A SKIDDIE? Let’s Hack For Real

This post below is an article written by michaeljay from HackForums, you can see the original post here.  I find it quite informative and it has quality over other similar threads.

Then what can you do about it?

Sick of just being able to push buttons and not know what you’re doing? Tired of seeing error messages in aircrack and being frozen because you have no real idea of what you’re typing? I saw a thread here from someone saying he’s sick of being a skiddie, so I figured I’d write this post up to explain how I went from being a skiddie to someone who knows his way around various protocols and techniques. Not that I consider myself a l337 hax0r, by any means. Most of the posters here would blow me away with their skill and knowledge. But I feel I’ve got some stuff to share, and my girlfriend is doing her own thing tonight, so I’m going to write this post up for you. For good or for evil. Read the rest of this entry »

Missing nm-applet in Ubuntu Maverick

Alright, cause I had my nm-applet missing for some forgotten reason, I had to switch to Wicd; an alternative for managing wireless networks.  If you came here for Wicd, you can always type

sudo apt-get install wicd

After accidentally removed nm-applet from my top panel, I had to do some googling and I actually suffered not having it for few days!  Running nm-applet on terminal shows the message “nm notification something … removed … notification area”.  Google told me it might have to do with icon packages which wasn’t the case.  After days of using Wicd, I am now officially removing it thanks to the solution I found and tried.

It was a simple, Right Click Panel > Add To Panel > Notification Area.

Looking for a vulnerable Workstation?

If you are by chance looking for a vulnerable workstation that has exploits ready to bring into action, check out Metasploitable.

Steal cookies, use or eat them?

Upon researching how to run Karmetasploit on my laptop, my next finding is to figure out how do I use these cookies.  I haven’t got any answers but here are some relevant data to my findings.

3.) hacked.

For those that does not know about this, has been hacked some time ago.  If you are trying to access files from you are most unlikely to get them.  Try if you are wondering if is not working for you or everybody else.  What you can do is use Google and search for other uploaded sources.

How busy can a man be?

Lately, I have been rushing my coursework and the due date is on the 27th of April. This blog means a lot to me so do not think that I have left it! I am merely taking a break from extensive blogging and I will definitely return with lots of information. Recently I have learned on metasploit and I find it very interesting for a Penetration Tester.  The next update I hope to post would be by the end of the week, cause my coursework programming is about to complete.  If so, I might be free from all the ups and downs and take a break to post some useful security tools or source codes!  If you ever noticed, I have posted the source code for my previous post but I deleted it the day after.  It is because my university supervisor told me that it is best not to release the source code.  So basically I would keep it to myself until I have the green light to do so.  Be sure to keep in mind to visit my blog frequent, you will definitely not regret it!

Installing The Metasploit Project

Basically my current module in university requires me to get in touch with Metasploit so here is one of the links that helped me installing them on my Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.  Read more to learn on how to install and update Metasploit and a quick sample of how to use it.

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Purchased Rootkits | Subverting the Windows Kernel

A month ago I have bought Rootkits, Subverting the Windows Kernel by Greg Hoglund and James Butler and I find it superb.  If you are a rootkit developer or looking to be one, this is a must have book that you need to get a hold of.  It teaches you generally the stuffs you want to learn such as hiding processes, files and directories, registries and lots more.  Conquering the kernel level as well as beating up Antiviruses are one of the topics that are discussed on!  Recently I am busy with my final years so I hope I can find time to post some useful articles.