Programming Ideas and Challenges

I myself do not have all the time in my life to be savoured for programming.  This page is where i am updating some of the ideas or challenges that come to my mind that i wish to realize.  Thanks to time constraint and heavy workload, free time doesn’t exist easily in my schedule so i thought of placing it here, somewhere i can access at all times in case i have forgotten where i have put it.  If you find the challenges interesting, post  a reply and let me know.  At the same time if you have any ideas or challenges in mind, you might want to post them here.

Personal Task Manager

– supports GUI as well as CLI
– GUI displays list of processes in listview
– CLI supports /display and /terminate switches
– application is capable of freeing a library / module that has been loaded into a particular process
– time when idea was created: 14th January 2011

Webcam Monitoring

– acts as a CCTV
– capable of monitoring more than 1 webcam at a time
– save video, time, logs and various records
– time when idea was created: 25th January 2011

Personal Rootkit

– hide process
– hide file
– hide registry
– hide port service
– contact userland GUI application, vice versa
– keystroke logging
– subject to update
– time when idea was created: 17h February 2011


Last updated 25th January 2011, list will continue to update.

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