File Extension Spoofer (FES) by AjuL Inc

Okay, basically you want to try to run a malicious software, something nasty, on someones computer and you don’t want to send over a executable but an image!  I believe many of you have went to distance to find this solution, some even tried a shortcut option for it and compress it in a rar.  Okay here’s the tool by AjuL from and it’s called File Extension Spoofer.  How great this works, I have no idea as I don’t run .NET 4.0 and above on any of my stations.  Check out how it works.

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For each file in directory in Ubuntu terminal

Open the terminal and type

for f in *; do echo "$f"; done

* indicates all files in current directory to list all files in your home directory change command as follows:

for f in $HOME/*; do echo "$f"; done

To list all files in /etc/ directory, modify command as follows:

for f in /etc/*; do echo "$f"; done


Recursive File Search in C | Source Code

This source code below is written by se7en from LeetCoders.  It is capable of running through the enter C drive in 8 seconds on my computer finding more than 230,000 files.  Although the downside of it is that it costs quite an amount of CPU usage during its process.  You might try to optimize it by placing Sleep function or something that is possible in reducing the CPU usage. Read the rest of this entry »

HTTP File Downloader for Linux and Windows in C | Source Code

A member in HackForums by the handle Jakash3 has posted a source code on how to download files from the Internet that can be compiled in both Linux and Windows.  Another great feature is that it supports IPv6. Read the rest of this entry »

The PE File Format

A very good article to understand on how the PE file format works B. Luevelsmeyer.  Below are the contents included.  This article was given to me by a member by the handle mindlessdeath from HackForums. Read the rest of this entry »

Are you a rootkit developer?

Are you a rootkit developer?  Can you fulfill my idea in the Ideas and Challenges page?  I am looking for some articles or any resources that can help me solve the following.

  • Hide a process
  • Hide a file
  • Hide a registry
  • Hide a port
  • Contact userland application, vice versa
  • Keystroke logging

If you by chance come across any articles or books related to this please do let me know!

Clone or Copy File in C

Generally there was someone in one of the forums i am on was asking how to duplicate a file.  So basically this little post i made up was to help this guy.  There are fundamentally few ways so i will write them up in code tags below. Read the rest of this entry »

Placing an image file in an executable in C

If you ever wanted to place an image file into the executable or store any resources in it, this post will be able to help you.  If you have previously read Builder & Stub | How to create your own builder and stub in C (using Resource), you will be able to understand this post easily.  We are using the similar method by placing the image in the resource data.  In this post, i am creating an application that extracts the image that has been placed in the resource data and place it in a file and execute the file.  Read the rest of this entry »

Recovering Deleted Files and Partitions

Ever wanted to recover files that has been deleted from the Recycle Bin?  Do you know that what has been so called deleted from the Recycle Bin has merely been marked as “deleted” and not actually entirely removed from the hard drive.  You might be confused with the word delete, rubbish bin, shift+delete button and what not.  Let us first look into the context of how the entire cycle works below.  Jump straight to “Tools to recover deleted files” to download. Read the rest of this entry »

MD5 Generator

Well i was working on something which requires this so i guess this would come in handy for anyone that needs it, it accepts text to be encrypted as well as files.


It does not belong to me however it was found on the internet so credits belongs to the owner.