HTTP File Downloader for Linux and Windows in C | Source Code

A member in HackForums by the handle Jakash3 has posted a source code on how to download files from the Internet that can be compiled in both Linux and Windows.  Another great feature is that it supports IPv6. Read the rest of this entry »

The official way of writing a crypter in C | Source Code

mindlessdeath, a member from HackForums have posted a thread regarding how to write a crypter in C!  I find this source code a very good example for people that are trying to learn to write their own crypter.  Compared to any other source codes that are posted on the internet, the author of this source code gave a very detailed information on each line on what the statements does.  In order to use this source code without much trouble, there are some prerequisites that was mentioned by the author himself.  Read the rest of this entry »

List of popular forums updated!

Check out the updated list of forums one should join!  If you have a forum that you would wish to post so that people can get to know about your forum, remember to reply it there!



List some of your favourite forums

Looking for a forum to hang around but no idea which to join or where to join?  Take a look at our list of forums that explains their environment and how great they are!  If you want to promote your forum, you can post a comment below and we will scout around your forum to analyze them before placing them in our list. Read the rest of this entry »