Installing SleepFX without crashing | iDevice

I stumbled upon one great app from BigBoss and it is called SleepFX written by Malcolm Hall!  You can generally get it from Cydia from BigBoss source.  Although so, some of you might be getting it from other sources and for free instead of paying.  Well that is totally up to you where you get it.

Some of you might have gotten SleepFX but it generally crashes after 5 or 6 times locking and unlocking.  The only way to get it working again is to respring it and this is totally uncool.  You might want another way around so basically these steps below will help you solve that problem!

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How useful an iPod can be!

Today i decided to try out TeamViewer via iPod.  I ended up finding fascinating adventures with it.  Below are some of the unthinkable ideas i had.

Cookie 1

Imagine that you are sitting in Starbucks and your friend urgently needs a document from you that you have at home which is half an hour away.  No worries for TeamViewer is here; with your iPod or iPhone in your hand, connect to Starbucks wireless connection and run TeamViewer’s app (Download).  Connect to TeamViewer software which you have run earlier at home (either Mac, Linux or Windows) and open up your e-mail service and send it to your friend! Voila, problem solved!

Cookie 2

I was so lazy lying on my bed and i wanted to see what is going on on my laptop.  Maybe some friend of mine dropped me a message at Windows Live Messenger / aMSN.  Luckily i had my iPod with me, i simply connected to my home network and launched TeamViewer and connect to my Ubuntu.  My friend Esther dropped me a message so i decided to let her know how great this application was and i decided to communicate this way (it was a new experience) although there is a lot of messaging tool that i know of.  I though of checking what’s up with my virtual machine that i have left running and i found nothing much so i decided to shut it down to save processes.  Oh well, finally nothing much to do i just press the “Shut Down…” menu option.  Let’s get back to Fruit Ninja!

Cookie 3

Wao, if you have an iPhone and you need to do anything anywhere… it’s even greater!  Do you know what i thought of… Imagine i’m on the transit while rushing to university which i left my computer on with my current project (programming some silly software again).  I can simply remotely connect to it with TeamViewer and continue debug or turn it off otherwise.  This is one of the most exciting feature i could think off: programming remotely!!

Jailbreak on latest iPod successful.

First time playing with apple product as well as first time cracking it via simple guidelines


Well, enjoy if you ever used this guide =) For the time being i’ll enjoy my iPod!