Upgrading Ubuntu 10.10 Kernel to

I was trying to run airbase-ng on my laptop’s Ubuntu 10.10 but I realize that it have problems.  (1.) The created Access Point could not be accessed and (2.) the channel that the Access Point is created runs on channel 255 which is out of range.  I had to start searching for a solution.  My early findings told me that it had something to do with the network driver.  My laptop runs on bcm4311 and I found out that it may have something to do with MadWifi so I thought I need an Atheros.  This morning I had tried firing up my laptop in BackTrack 4 and ran airbase-ng.  My iPod caught the Access Point immediately.  At this point, I knew that it must be something wrong with Ubuntu so I continued searching.

I had then found out from the internet that it could be my kernel version that is causing the problem and here I am, updating my Ubuntu from the default kernel 2.6.35-22-generic to or not airbase-ng is going to work now I am still not sure, will be updating this.  It works.

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KARMA + Metasploit Framework 3 == Karmetasploit


In 2004 Dino Dai Zovi and Shane Macaulay presented All Your Layer Are Belong To Us at Pacsec in Tokyo. This presentation focused on the insecure behavior of wireless clients. Accompanying the presentation was a tool called KARMA (KARMA Attacks Radioed Machines Automatically). This tool acts as wireless access point and responds to all probe requests from wireless clients. Once a client has associated with the KARMA access point, every service they try to access leads to a malicious application. The services side of KARMA was written in Ruby, making it a perfect match for integration with version 3 of the Metasploit Framework.

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Installing VMWare Player on Ubuntu 10.10

Thanks to my friend I’m now able to run a VMWare on my laptop with the link provided below. Below are the commands you have to type in terminal. Change wget‘s parameter to the latest version with bundle extension here.

sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)
wget http://dlm3.vmware.com/software/vmplayer/VMware-Player-2.5.5-328052.i386.bundle
chmod +x VMware-Player*.bundle
gksudo bash ./VMware-Player*.bundle

// Now follow the GUI
// For more information see link below.

Source: http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-install-vmware-player-in-ubuntu-9-10

Finding the right vulnerability and exploit from Nessus report in Metasploit

If you have trouble setting up a database in Metasploit, see here.

Once you have already scanned your target using Nessus, download the report as .nessus file.  Run Metasploit and select the .nessus file with db_import /path/to/nessus/file.nessus.  I am running on Metasploit framework-3.6.0 while my Nessus is on 4.4.1Ubuntu 8.04 32bit.  Basically I got this file from either my friend or professor so I did not realize that it was actually Ubuntu 8.04.  It worked so I’m going to stick with it till the end of the month.  To get the latest version of Nessus, click here.  Agree to the license agreement before proceeding.

Next, type db_autopwn -x -t to see the available exploits from the reference that we have added earlier (the .nessus file).   You will see something similar to off below when you have gotten the result.  Please be reminded that I am using Ubuntu 10.10.

With the given result above, you can now use the available vulnerabilities listed.  This way it is much simpler than analyzing the Nessus report.  Metasploit automatically checks whether it have the vulnerability and those that matches with it from the report.  You don’t have to consume time finding the right exploit name or ID for it this way.  Always test with the given permission, never test this on another computer without the authority to do it, especially when you are in an organization.  You never know what kind of trouble you get into.

Not familiar with Nessus itself?  See here!

If you are not familiar with Nessus, you can execute it right from Msfconsole!  Offensive-security.com explains more here.

And few related offensive-security.com links that are pretty useful
1.) Metasploit Unleashed
2.) Nessus via Msfconsole
3.) SMB Login Check
4.) Vulnerability Scanning
5.) Working with Nessus

Other available resources

1.) Owning with Nessus and Metasploit
2.) Tenable Nessus
3.) Installing the Metasploit Project
4.) Everything Nessus
5.) Everything Metasploit

Installing The Metasploit Project

Basically my current module in university requires me to get in touch with Metasploit so here is one of the links that helped me installing them on my Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.  Read more to learn on how to install and update Metasploit and a quick sample of how to use it.

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VB.NET ListView Tutorial. Add, Edit and Delete

I was searching for some tutorial on how to use ListView in VB .NET a few minutes ago and this was the solution that I gotten from Google search engine.  I have to complete my project of a Parental Control Software in 40 days, I wonder whether I can complete them in the remaining amount of time.  Although the project looks easy, it is not something I am coding for my own interest which makes me feel lazy everytime I turn on Visual Studio 2008.  But whatever, let us hope I can get the things done at the right time!

Link: http://www.fryan0911.com/2009/06/vbnet-listview-tutorial-add-edit-and.html

Nmap NSE | Nmap Scripting Engine

Some of the tutorials posted by h-boy from HackForums that would come in handy. Read the rest of this entry »

Learning to make your own DirectX game in C and C++

This is a tutorial that was given by one of the professor in my university that my friend was studying.  He is in the gaming course so basically he learned some flash programming and now 3d programming too.  Some of the subjects include DirectX so the professor gave them a website that guides you from the basics.  This website is called DirectX Tutorial.com and the website is as below.  Although i am not fancy of writing anything related to graphics i find that it is quite an interesting subject.  By learning how to write with D3D (Direct 3D), a C or C++ programmer may find it useful for their future projects.  To jump start the tutorial, visit here.

Homepage: http://directxtutorial.com/

Note: If you are looking for the DirectX SDK it is here.

Booting DBAN from a pendrive

DBAN or Darik’s Boot and Nuke software is a great deal for erasing any hard drive you want the quickest.  As mentioned in one of the previous post and it’s homepage if you saw, it is basically installed on a CD or DVD.  However as convenient as it can be, it is possible to install DBAN on a pendrive!  In this post, you will be guided from top to bottom on how to setup your own pendrive DBAN. Read the rest of this entry »