Installing VMware Server in Ubuntu 10.10

Today was rather tiring and took quite alot of my brain consumption.  I tried installing VMware in my laptop which is running Ubuntu 10.10 trying to replace VirtualBox which I have been using all the while.  Unlike what Ubuntu Software Center offers, installing VMware is not easy and requires certain techniques.  If you are looking for a way to install VMware Server on Ubuntu, click on the link below.


VMware/Player for Ubuntu

I always wonder how to have Ubuntu as my primary OS and run BackTrack inside it because VirtualBox just doesn’t seem to like him! Probably VirtualBox just has personal issues with him, we don’t know.  Today i found a partner that may just suit BackTrack and she is called VMware.  Although i knew this software since the age of dinosaur, i never came to look into it in detail.  As i was requiring BackTrack in my Ubuntu desperately, i went to Google and found an intriguing result! Read the rest of this entry »

Inadvertently moved my mounted image to trash

What a stupid mistake i made… i accidentally moved my mounted image from my virtualbox to the trash without releasing it first.. i thought of creating a new name and a fake file so that i could release it this way but it appears that the virtualbox does not allow me to do so.

Searching around a few minute on the internet gave me the answer here – Luckily i found the solution (although it isn’t something big i found out it’s disturbing to have something you don’t like to appear so i had to get rid of it).
All in a days work… now i have to continue figuring out how to execute Warcraft III under VirtualBox as well as allowing USB to work in it. (sort of just moved from virtualbox-ose)