Looking for a vulnerable Workstation?

If you are by chance looking for a vulnerable workstation that has exploits ready to bring into action, check out Metasploitable.

Installing VMWare Player on Ubuntu 10.10

Thanks to my friend I’m now able to run a VMWare on my laptop with the link provided below. Below are the commands you have to type in terminal. Change wget‘s parameter to the latest version with bundle extension here.

sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)
wget http://dlm3.vmware.com/software/vmplayer/VMware-Player-2.5.5-328052.i386.bundle
chmod +x VMware-Player*.bundle
gksudo bash ./VMware-Player*.bundle

// Now follow the GUI
// For more information see link below.

Source: http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-install-vmware-player-in-ubuntu-9-10

Installing VMware Server in Ubuntu 10.10

Today was rather tiring and took quite alot of my brain consumption.  I tried installing VMware in my laptop which is running Ubuntu 10.10 trying to replace VirtualBox which I have been using all the while.  Unlike what Ubuntu Software Center offers, installing VMware is not easy and requires certain techniques.  If you are looking for a way to install VMware Server on Ubuntu, click on the link below.

Solution: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Server

VMware/Player for Ubuntu

I always wonder how to have Ubuntu as my primary OS and run BackTrack inside it because VirtualBox just doesn’t seem to like him! Probably VirtualBox just has personal issues with him, we don’t know.  Today i found a partner that may just suit BackTrack and she is called VMware.  Although i knew this software since the age of dinosaur, i never came to look into it in detail.  As i was requiring BackTrack in my Ubuntu desperately, i went to Google and found an intriguing result! Read the rest of this entry »