Finding the right vulnerability and exploit from Nessus report in Metasploit

If you have trouble setting up a database in Metasploit, see here.

Once you have already scanned your target using Nessus, download the report as .nessus file.  Run Metasploit and select the .nessus file with db_import /path/to/nessus/file.nessus.  I am running on Metasploit framework-3.6.0 while my Nessus is on 4.4.1Ubuntu 8.04 32bit.  Basically I got this file from either my friend or professor so I did not realize that it was actually Ubuntu 8.04.  It worked so I’m going to stick with it till the end of the month.  To get the latest version of Nessus, click here.  Agree to the license agreement before proceeding.

Next, type db_autopwn -x -t to see the available exploits from the reference that we have added earlier (the .nessus file).   You will see something similar to off below when you have gotten the result.  Please be reminded that I am using Ubuntu 10.10.

With the given result above, you can now use the available vulnerabilities listed.  This way it is much simpler than analyzing the Nessus report.  Metasploit automatically checks whether it have the vulnerability and those that matches with it from the report.  You don’t have to consume time finding the right exploit name or ID for it this way.  Always test with the given permission, never test this on another computer without the authority to do it, especially when you are in an organization.  You never know what kind of trouble you get into.

Not familiar with Nessus itself?  See here!

If you are not familiar with Nessus, you can execute it right from Msfconsole! explains more here.

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Penetration Testing | The Metasploit Project

Do you know what Metasploit is?  Have you ever used it?  Metasploit is one of the most useful penetration testing tool used by security specialists to look for vulnerabilities in a system.  If you are a hacker, this is a must learn tool for you.  If you are a penetration tester, this is a must have tool for you to find weaknesses in your own system and prevent hackers from entering.  Metasploit works in both Windows and Linux, although i believe most of the users would be Windows, professionals often use Linux for this task.  Visit their homepage here.  Speaking of the word hacker, i was enlighten by one of my professors in my university few days back, let me write it out in a new post :).

.NET and its vulnerabilities

Well i continued programming in VB .NET for the last 2 months and i finally got my own masterpiece! I’m able to sell the product but i have many doubts in mind especially crackers. I googled and searched various methods to get it safely encrypted as well as decompiling it (working both ways is so what gray hat does). Well i had found a variety of method of doing so and i’m pretty satisfied with the outcome! I never knew decompiling was so fun as well as injecting codes into it. Now’s the time to do some nasty art! Oh well.. luckily i’m a 90% most of the time C person… leave the 10% to VB .NET