Bypassing Windows Firewall

Alright i know that in XP we can alter the registry value. In Vista you can just kill the “Windows Security Alert” window and in 7 you can… oh wait i haven’t solve this…

Generally when 7 was launched i wasn’t there yet i was still coding my keylogger in vista. Then i moved into 7 once the os was being used globally and i got in trouble coding the keylogger with FTP feature for 7 as the firewall blocks it differently. Killing the window wasn’t enough.

Today i was creating my newest keylogger and i sort of needed it to be bypassed badly… My first solution was to hit the “Allow access” button but i failed, i think the SendMessage function is prevented eventhough i sent BN_CLICKED it didn’t work.

I got frustrated and thought of a second method… i simply used GetRectWindow of the “Allow access” button and used mouseevent to kill that f**king bastard :biggrin: voila… a new firewall bypass method made!

6 Responses to “Bypassing Windows Firewall”

  1. Carlos Says:

    lol all users have other firewall solutions NOOOOB either from AV like BitDefender/Kaspersky etc to separate firewalls like ZoneAlarm,Comodo etc

  2. Lolwat Says:

    He said users, your dog isn’t a user.

  3. Atropos Says:

    Just another ugly FWB. Such things aren’t very professional and what will you do when there is ZoneAlarm instead of Windows Firewall?
    A Codeinjection would be much better allthought there are some more beautiful solutions out there.

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